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What are the signs of a Flea problem?


Pets Scratching - Your Cat or Dog may be scratching more than usual.

Flea Dirt - You may find black flea dirt on you pets fur, skin, pet bedding or carpets.

Live insects - Adults are aproximately 3mm long, can range from yellowish brown to brownish black depending on the species of flea.

Bites - Flea bites are small red itchy bumps found most usually on the feet or lower legs. Infants are more at risk of being bitten due to playing on the floor and having very soft skin to bite, women and children tend to be bitten more often than men.


Where are Fleas most likely to be found?


Although fleas do move around, re-infesting and breeding, they are mainly found on pets, in pet bedding and soft furnishings.


When do Fleas cause a problem?


Fleas are an all year round problem, however the rise in the number of infestations seems to occur with heat, so mostly from August and right into the autumn when people start to use their central heating systems which can also cause dormont flea eggs to hatch.


How do i get rid of Fleas?


Quite simply, getting rid of fleas is something that should be left to a professional. Fleas can easily re-infest and breed when any small areas are left untreated. This is why we advise that your property is fumigated. When it comes to 'off the shelf' products you really do get what you pay for. When you pay a professional to do the job, you pay for our methods, our high grade professional products, our expertise and most importantly a guarantee to get rid of fleas. There are still things you can do to help prevent and discourage fleas from multiplying in numbers and we are happy to advise you of these during treatment.


Who guarantees to eradicate Fleas?


A Quick Kill Pest Control of course!


When you have A Quick Kill Pest Control treat your property for Fleas you benefit from...


Services from a local family business


We are a flexible, local family business which means we always add a friendly personal touch, we don't do scripted, we don't follow long winded and unnecessary company protocols. Being a local and family business also means we offer lower prices than larger or national companies. Most importantly it means our work is carried out with pride and integrity.


Fully Guaranteed Work


We fully guarantee all of our work. Which means we are super confident in the high quality products we buy from our approved suppliers and the fine-tuned methods we have developed over the last 30+ years. Guaranteeing our work ultimately gives our customers peace of mind.


Affordable Services


As a local family business are prices are kept low, competitive and necessary to get the job done.


Quick Response. Same Day and Weekends


We are proud to be able to offer our customers same day and weekend appointments, subject to availability of course! We understand that with Fleas you sometimes need a timely treatment or an emergency service of some sort.


Unmarked Vehicles


Whether you have nosey neighbours or you are trying to keep up the reputation of your restaurant, shop or hotel. We understand that not all customers are satisfied with a vehicle parking on or outside their premises advertising the fact that they are there to kill pests. However you may feel about this, we use unmarked vehicles at all times.


Free, friendly advice and dealings with the same pest controller from Phone Call to House Call


When you call us, you can ask us anything and we will try and answer your questions to the best of our knowledge and listen to your concerns. We aren't a call centre and we know each other in sickness and in health which means we work as a close knit team to solve our customers problems.



Our Flea Fumigation Treatment


Below is a rough outline of what you can expect from our flea treatment.


When we attend we assess the situation and the areas of infestation and advise you what you can also do to ensure the infestation is sucessfully eradicated.


Reporting what you have seen and experienced is always helpful to aid us in eradicating fleas.


We will ask you before the appointment to arrange to evacuate your family and pets from the property whilst the treatment is carried out.


The treatment usually takes between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the size of your property.


We request that any food be covered removed from surfaces including fruit bowls.


Our treatment isn't harmful to humans or animals, however we ask that live fish be completely removed from the property as it can be fatal to them.


Once the treatment is finished, our pest technician must then be paid, unless arranged prior to treatment.


You should then lock up your property, we ask that you leave the chemical to settle for a couple of hours before re-entering your property. This is because whilst it is a non-toxic chemical, it is still a chemical, which nobody should be inhaling and is airborne after being dispersed through a specialist fogging machine. 


Your property must be left for at least 2 hours before re-entering and even after re-entering we advise windows to be opened to aerate your property.


The fumigation process leaves a chemical to settle on your interior and furnishings. It will not ruin any furnishings etc. inside your property.


The chemical has a residule effect and continues to work long after the treatment for when new eggs may start to hatch, thus killing them before they can mature and breed.


Our treatment is guaranteed, so if after 7 days of treatment you are still seeing heavy signs of flea activity we recommend that you call us as your property might require a re-fumigation, this is of course free of charge as part of our guarantee.


We also bare in mind that many people have children and pets, if you have concerns about either or any questions about our treatment please feel free to contact us.



I have used DIY products to treat Fleas in my home, why have i still got them?



Fleas are one of the harder pests to kill due to the biological makeup of the flea eggs. The eggs are coated in a waxy coating which protects it from most chemicals used to kill fleas, including most professional chemicals. 


The reason why DIY and 'at home' flea killing products do not permenantly eradicate the fleas is because it only kills all the existing adult fleas, meaning you will see a decrease in flea activity such as bites and scratching. However, after a few days/weeks the flea problem will come back, sometimes stronger, because the DIY home product was unable to kill the eggs that the previous adult fleas laid. By the time the new fleas hatch from the eggs the cheap DIY product has 'worn off' and it is anything but long lasting. This is the difference between DIY products and professional chemicals used buy ourselves. 


We will fumigate your property with our non toxic products, ensuring a better coverage than a can of spray can offer and our products work on their strength and their long lasting residual properties ensuring that after the existing fleas are killed that the fleas that hatched from eggs are killed before they have time to mature and lay any eggs, thus ending the cycle.




Our price to treat fleas starts from ¬£120. Please note this is a rough outline of prices, please contact us for an accurate quote.



Contact us on 01902 470 533 for more advice, info or a quote.

Alternatively email us at