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What are the signs of a Rat problem?


Scratching - Noises in walls, under floors or decking as they scurry around in search of food.

Ripped food packaging – they will tear open all types of packaging to find food which may leave teeth marks.

Damage – they have teeth that grow continuously and gnaw on wood, plastic and even mild metals to keep them trim. Rats can even cause fires by chewing through cables and wiring.

Droppings – they leave dark, tapered sausage shaped droppings about 1 - 2cm long.

Nests – built in warm, hidden places using shredded material such as newspaper, plastic and fabrics. Nests will often contain young.

Distinctive smell – rodents leave an ammonia-like smell from their urine that will be particularly strong in enclosed areas such as under cupboards, in loft spaces, garages, sheds or under decking. Rats are known for urinating very frequently anywhere they need to due to their tiny bladders.


Where are Rats most likely to be found?


Rats are most likely to be found where there is warmth and food. The most common places are in lofts, wall cavities, kitchens, gardens including under decking and garages or outbuildings.


When do Rats cause a problem?


Rats are an all year round problem, however they are most likely to enter properties during the colder winter months in search of warmth, somewhere to nest and breed and indoor food sources.


How do i get rid of Rats?


Quite simply, getting rid of rats is not easy. They are intelligent creatures and sense danger, this is what makes them somewhat a nocturnal animal when all is quiet in a sleeping house or a locked up shop or factory. Products sold as 'sonic repellents' or 'electronic deterants' are truly as gimicky as they sound. When it comes to 'off the shelf' products you really do get what you pay for. When you pay a professional to do the job, you pay for our methods, our high grade professional products, our expertise and most importantly a guarantee to get rid of rats. There are still things you can do to help prevent and discourage rats from entering your property and we are happy to advise you of these during treatment.


Who guarantees to eradicate Rats?


A Quick Kill Pest Control of course!


When you have A Quick Kill Pest Control treat your property for Rats you benefit from...


Services from a local family business


We are a flexible, local family business which means we always add a friendly personal touch, we don't do scripted, we don't follow long winded and unnecessary company protocols. Being a local and family business also means we offer lower prices than larger or national companies. Most importantly it means our work is carried out with pride and integrity.


Fully Guaranteed Work


We fully guarantee all of our work. Which means we are super confident in the high quality products we buy from our approved suppliers and the fine-tuned methods we have developed over the last 30+ years. Guaranteeing our work ultimately gives our customers peace of mind.


Affordable Services


As a local family business are prices are kept low, competitive and necessary to get the job done. When you book a treatment for Rats with us, we offer a 2-part payment plan. We require 50% of the total quoted price upon the first visit and the remaining 50% upon the third visit.


Quick Response. Same Day and Weekends


We are proud to be able to offer our customers same day and weekend appointments, subject to availability of course! We understand that with Rats you sometimes need a timely treatment or an emergency service of some sort.


Unmarked Vehicles


Whether you have nosey neighbours or you are trying to keep up the reputation of your restaurant, shop or hotel. We understand that not all customers are satisfied with a vehicle parking on or outside their premises advertising the fact that they are there to kill rats. However you may feel about this, we use unmarked vehicles at all times.


Free, friendly advice and dealings with the same pest controller from Phone Call to House Call


When you call us, you can ask us anything and we will try and answer your questions to the best of our knowledge and listen to your concerns. We aren't a call centre and we know each other in sickness and in health which means we work as a close knit team to solve our customers problems.



Our 3 Visit Rat Treatment Plan


Below is a rough outline of what you can expect from our Rat treatment plan.




We survey your problem to plan our approach.

We place down our poison bait where we deem necessary upon our first visit.

We will advise you of anything you need to know.

50% of the total price is due upon the first visit.

We will book your second appointment with you at your convenience, we recommend around 3-4 days after the first visit to allow the bait to be taken.




We will make checks on the progress of the treatment, replenish bait and remove any dead bodies.

We will book your third appointment with you for a convenient time for you.




The remaining 50% of the total price is due to be paid.

We will continue to remove any dead bodies found and provide a clean up removing any bait if we have established that the problem is eradicated.

If this is not the case and the infestation continues then we will book a fourth visit to continue treatment.

We do not charge for extra visits, it is part of our guarantee to eradicate your rat problem.

Most severe infestations can be cleared up by a fourth of fifth visit.





Our prices to treat rats with a full guarantee starts from £120. Please note this is a rough outline of prices, please contact us for an accurate quote.



Contact us on 01902 470 533 for more advice, info or a quote.

Alternatively email us at