Bees species vary greatly. The most common bees are bumblebees, tree bees, masonry bees and honey bees.

Bees are good pollinators, good for the environment and if they are not causing you a problem we usually advise them to be left alone. If this is not possible and they are a threat to humans or nesting inside your home then we will remove them.


Contrary to popular belief, Bees are not currently protected by any UK law.

However, we do follow industry codes of conduct for determining eradication and the safest methods.

They only sting if they feel threatened. Bees are more docile than Wasps.

Bumble Bees are bigger rounder and furrier than Wasps

WHAT are the signs?

  • Large numbers of bees in or around your property

  • Bees in your house or at the windows

  • Numerous Bees entering under you fascia boards or eaves.

  • Bees in the loft or a nest found.


WHERE are they found?​

  • Nests are predominantly found under the eaves of your roof or behind fascia boards or under windows.

  • They also build nests within lofts and under sheds.

WHEN do they cause a problem?

  • Some Queen Bees species start to emerge and build their nests as early as February/March. Some Masonry and Bumble Bee species nests peak around the early summer in around May/June time.

  • Honey Bees, tend to swarm at the middle to end of summer and can be gathered in the thousands on a nearby fence or tree before building and settling into a new nest.

But WHO can guarantee to deal with or eradicate Bees?...

...A Quick Kill Pest Control!

HOW do we get rid of Bees?

  • Firstly, we always advise bees of all species are left alone if they are not a threat or nuisance to you or your family or haven't taken up residence in the fabric of the property of which you live or work. No species of bees are protected by UK Law, this is a common myth. They are however viewed with great fondness as they are great pollinators and their positive affect on the environment.

  • If they are an issue, we can treat the nest. This gets to work immediately and the nest is usually fully eradicated within 48 hours. 

  • We also GUARANTEE to eradicate Bees (if necessary).

  • If you suspect you have a feral honey bee nest or a swarm, we can re-home them ourselves if they are accessible (This would need to be assessed by a pest technician). Or you can contact a local beekeeper for more advice.