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Fleas bite both humans and domestic pets leaving itchy round red bumps.

Adult Fleas are approximately 2mm in length.

Cat fleas are the most common species of flea. Dog fleas are much rarer.


Fleas are parasitic and lay eggs on and feed from warm blooded animals.

The first sign of fleas may be your pet scratching.

Specks of Flea dirt may be found in pet bedding and on the pets skin or between the fur.

WHAT are the signs?

  • Pets scratching.

  • Flea dirt on pets skin.

  • Live insects jumping on pets, humans or furniture.

  • Bites, mostly on children and women due to softer skin.


WHERE are they found?​

  • In domestic homes with pets

  • On domestic cats and dogs skin/fur

  • In soft furnishings and carpets

  • Pet bedding

WHEN do they cause a problem?

  • All year round, however they seem to appear more with heat when you begin to heat your home during the autumn months.


But WHO guarantees to get eradicate Fleas?...

...A Quick Kill Pest Control!

HOW do we get rid of Fleas?

  • We fumigate all rooms of the property.

  • We require you to evacuate the property for approximately 30 minutes.

  • Aquatic animals must be removed from property as the insecticides used can be harmful.

  • It is OUR GUARANTEE that we will eradicate Fleas in your property. 

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