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Mice have shorter snouts than Rats

Common House Mice are approximately between 6-9cm (2.5 - 3.5 inches) from head to rump 

Mice cause damage by gnawing to keep their incisor teeth short as they constantly grow.


Mice have larger eyes and ears than Rats, but have shorter tails.

Female Mice can produce between 30-80 young every year from multiple litters.

Mice carry and transmit a number of diseases through their urine which are harmful to humans.

WHAT are the signs?

  • Scratching noises

  • Ripped food packaging

  • Droppings

  • Greasemarks

  • Distinctive smells

  • Nests/Shredded materials


WHERE are they found?​

  • Anywhere warm with a food or water source, mostly residential properties.

  • Walls, cavities, lofts, kitchens, sheds, garages, cellars etc.

WHEN do they cause a problem?

  • Mice breed all year round.

  • They cause problems when they take up residence in places of work or your home, causing damage and spreading disease.

But WHO guarantees to get eradicate Mice?...

...A Quick Kill Pest Control!

HOW do we get rid of Mice?

  • We make a total of 3 visits (minimum) to monitor the situation and gain insight to the level of infestation.

  • On our first visit, we make an initial survey and place down poison bait in lockable boxes.

  • We remove dead bodies found during visits.

  • The average time from first visit to third visit (or complete eradication) is approximately 2 weeks.

  • We do not charge extra if extra visits are needed, it is OUR GUARANTEE that we will eradicate Mice in your property.

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