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The Black Garden Ant is the most common ant found in and around the home and garden.

Black Garden Ants are approximately 3-5mm in length

They are attracted to food debris and sweet food stuffs, so can regularly be found in the kitchen if there is a nest nearby.


Ant nests can be as deep as 6ft under your house or garden, ants are good miners.

Black Garden Ants swarm for mating purposes during mid to late summer

Pharoah Ant infestations are rarer than Black Garden Ants and infestations are usually found in centrally heated apartment blocks.

WHAT are the signs?

  • High numbers of Ants in or around your property

  • Powdered fine brickwork in your walls or under paving slabs

  • Soil mounds in your lawn where nests have been made.


WHERE are they found?​

  • Under paving slabs

  • In garages or sun facing walls.

  • In kitchens near cabinets where sweet foodstuff may have been dropped.

  • Air bricks and wall cavities.

WHEN do they cause a problem?

  • Ants are a seasonal problem emerging throughout the summer. Particularly on warm, sunny, dry days.

  • Ants can cause a problem when they are overrunning your kitchen, they make their way onto kitchen surfaces quite quickly.

But WHO can eradicate Ants?...

...A Quick Kill Pest Control!

HOW do we get rid of Ants?

  • For the common Black Garden Ant we use a gel bait treatment that Ants carry back to the nest for the queen and it eradicates the nest. For more severe and persistent Black Ant infestations we may suggest a wall drilling and injection treatment. All infestations are unique and treatment is decided upon each individual situation.

  • For more specialist treatments like Pharaoh Ants, please contact us for more information.

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