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Bedbugs are flat, round brown and approximately 6mm in length.

They are commonly found in beds and mattresses, hence the name 'bed' bug.

Bedbugs come out at night to feed and usually hide in bed cracks, crevices and skirting boards.


Bedbugs can bite and often leave spots of blood on your bed sheets.

Bedbugs commonly spread through contact, on luggage, clothing and from regular travel in hotels or accommodation.

Eradicating bedbugs is a specialist treatment required of a professional pest controller.

WHAT are the signs?

  • Small, dark stains on bed sheets or mattress.

  • Unpleasant sweet smell.

  • Live insects that are flat, round and brown and approximately 6mm in length.

  • Small blood spots from bites.


WHERE are they found?​

  • Mostly in bedrooms and the mattress and bed.

  • Skirting boards, wardrobes, electrical sockets, carpets, sofas and other soft furniture.

WHEN do they cause a problem?

  • All year round

  • Bed bugs can usually be introduced to your property as they attach to luggage, bags, and clothing. Bed bugs may also be introduced through second-hand beds, furniture, and possessions.

  • Infestations are usually from from travelling or staying in hotels. For this reason, students and regular travellers are prone to bedbug infestations.

But WHO guarantees to get eradicate Bedbugs?...

...A Quick Kill Pest Control!

HOW do we get rid of Bedbugs?

  • We fumigate all rooms of the property.

  • We require you to evacuate the property for approximately 30 minutes.

  • Aquatic animals must be removed from property as the insecticides used can be harmful.

  • It is OUR GUARANTEE that we will eradicate Bedbugs in your property. 

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