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What are the signs of a Wasp problem?

 Nest - Finding the nest is the most obvious and common sign people spot.

High Numbers - With a wasp nest nearby, in or around your home or garden you are likely to be experiencing many wasps flying about.

Entering through holes - You may have a nest if you can see wasps entering a hole in you property, garden or more specifically your brickwork or fascias.

Fresh chewed wood - You may spot many wasps chewing on fresh wooden fence panels or parts of your shed to make their nest using their saliva.


Where are Wasps most likely to be found?


The most common places wasps can be found are in the eaves of your roof, in lofts, wall cavities, outside kitchen extensions or porchways, gardens, sheds and trees including under decking and garages or outbuildings.


When do Wasps cause a problem?


Wasps are a seasonal problem with Queen wasps starting to build their nests in the spring and their activity peaking in the height of the warm summer months. Wasps do hibernate through the winter and some may discover a wasp nest in their loft that was built during the summer months. For this we do offer a removal service.


How do i get rid of Wasps?


We strongly advise any untrained persons against going anywhere near a wasp nest or trying to kill it with household products. Most household fly or wasp sprays are made for single stray wasps that are buzzing at your window or around a room, not for treating a full nest which can contain up to hundreds sometimes thousands of wasps. Wasp and nest removal should definately be left to the professionals. If a wasp nest is provoked or feels even slightly threatened, they will come at you with full attack. Wasps unlike bees do not leave their sting in you skin, nor do they die, so they can sting you as many times as they wish. Some people are also allergic to wasp stings and may not even know it until being stung.

Who guarantees to eradicate Wasps?


A Quick Kill Pest Control of course!


When you have A Quick Kill Pest Control treat a Wasp Nest you benefit from...


Services from a local family business


We are a flexible, local family business which means we always add a friendly personal touch, we don't do scripted, we don't follow long winded and unnecessary company protocols. Being a local and family business also means we offer lower prices than larger or national companies. Most importantly it means our work is carried out with pride and integrity.


Fully Guaranteed Work


We fully guarantee all of our work. Which means we are super confident in the high quality products we buy from our approved suppliers and the fine-tuned methods we have developed over the last 30+ years. Guaranteeing our work ultimately gives our customers peace of mind.


Affordable Services


As a local family business are prices are kept low, competitive and necessary to get the job done. We do not charge any hidden extras.


Quick Response. Same Day and Weekends


We are proud to be able to offer our customers same day and weekend appointments, subject to availability of course! We understand that with Wasps you sometimes need a timely treatment or an emergency service of some sort.


Unmarked Vehicles


Whether you have nosey neighbours or you are trying to keep up the reputation of your restaurant, shop or hotel. We understand that not all customers are satisfied with a vehicle parking on or outside their premises advertising the fact that they are there to kill something. However you may feel about this, we use unmarked vehicles at all times.


Free, friendly advice and dealings with the same pest controller from Phone Call to House Call


When you call us, you can ask us anything and we will try and answer your questions to the best of our knowledge and listen to your concerns. We aren't a call centre and we know each other in sickness and in health which means we work as a close knit team to solve our customers problems.



Our Wasp Nest Treatment


Below is a rough outline of what you can expect from our Wasp Nest Treatment.


 We will survey the problem in an instant and get to work on treating the wasp nest right away.

Treatment takes approximately 15 minutes.

The effects are instantaneous and the wasps will die off and the nest will lacky activity within 48 hours.

If after 48 hours you are still noticing a substantial amount of activity then you must call us and we will arrange to re-treat it for free.

Please note that some wasps may still return to the nest but will eventually die off.

Our treatment is guaranteed.





Our price for treating a wasp nest with a full guarantee starts from ¬£35. Please note this is a rough outline of prices, please contact us for an accurate quote. If you have more than one nest on your property or very nearby that can be treated on the same appointment, then we charge each extra nest at ¬£15 each.



Contact us on 01902 470 533 for more advice, info or a quote.

Alternatively email us at